Open door policy for new team

Swansea Leader – July 2004

SWANSEA Council is launching a new era of openness and honesty with the people of Swansea.

Chris Holley, Leader of the Swansea Administration, has set out the controlling coalition’s key priorities with particular emphasis on openness, young people, the environment, cleanliness and culture.

He said, “The Swansea Administration was elected to make a difference for the people of Swansea, and that is what we are delivering.

“We want to create a new era of openness and trust with the people of Swansea by conducting our affairs openly and honestly.

“We will remove the barriers that have prevented people from connecting with this council. For far too long they have been left on the outside, isolated from decisions and the people making them.”

The Council will hold future meetings in communities, and at times and locations convenient for people to attend.

Councillor Holley added, “We will develop Public Question Time so that people are encouraged to participate in the decision- making process.

“And we will introduce the opportunity at Council for people to make a presentation, on an issue important to them.

“Their views will be listened to, rather than stifled.”

He said the cleaning up the city centre and local shopping areas would be a priority.

“In order to kick-start this commitment we have cut Special Responsibility
Allowances for councillors by 20 per cent, providing almost half a million pounds to improve the cleanliness of our shopping areas.”

The Council will develop a sustainable future for Swansea; encouraging economic growth, while protecting the natural environment.

Young people will be given new opportunities to fulfil their potential without having to leave Swansea, and our rich culture will become a distinctive feature of the city.

Councillor Holley said, “We will develop a programme to harness people’s creative skills and provide a platform for them to take their talents to the community and the wider world.

“And unlike the previous administration, we have made the Welsh language and culture a key Corporate Priority.”